Standing 50-feet tall, this vertical climbing structure is set on poles that crisscross toward the sky! Participants, both beginner and advanced, will be challenged by the pole climbs, dangling logs, seesaw log, high woozy, hanging ladders and much more. It is a creative and safe way to be challenged both physically and mentally while being continuously on-belay!


Pick up a bow, launch an arrow, and the spirit of an archer may possess you. Attend the archery session to learn about this ancient art used for hunting, warring, and for peaceful relaxation. We’ll talk about proper stance and form, eye dominance, aim, how to grip the bow, draw the string and how to use a consistent anchor point. We’ll also discuss how to select archery equipment to fit you and your needs.


Join camper Ellen Shevitz for the 4th annual Mickey’s Camp Book Club. Enjoy a provocative and interesting evening in a bunkhouse.  Ellen will host a post dinner book discussion with wine and whether you want to wear your little black dress with pearls or your pajamas, either is fine.  This year’s novella will be Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote.

Holly Golightly knows that nothing bad can ever happen to you at Tiffany’s. In this seductive, wistful masterpiece, Capote created a woman whose name has entered the American idiom and whose style is a part of the literary landscape—her poignancy, wit, and naïveté continue to charm.

Come ready to discuss this classic masterpiece.  If you need a copy of the book, please let Kari Strolberg ( know and we will get you one.


Sheryl New, PA-C, MSBS Master Injector (17 Yrs.) and Owner of New Med Spa in Carmel will offer Botox Sessions at Mickey’s Camp this year. The camp will cover the first $100 (10 units) toward your session. Additional Botox or Dysport is $10 per unit.

New Med Spa offers Botox/Dysport, dermal fillers and medical-grade facials, peels, micro needling, laser, and Morpheus radiofrequency treatments, PRP and exosomes for hair. They also have a full line of medical grade skincare products. New is passionate about helping her clients look and feel good about their aging process.


Ready to acquire some boxing skills or try some group workouts while learning how this type of exercise helps people with Parkinson’s?

Join Rock Steady Boxing in this interactive session. The mission of Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) is to empower people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) to FIGHT BACK with a non-contact boxing-inspired fitness regimen and emotional support. Currently, RSB has almost 1000 programs across the globe.


Are you wearing the right size bra? The best way to answer that question is with a professional bra fitting, and Abby Auer is here to help.  Auer, a Certified Fit Expert and Administrative Consultant Coordinator for Wacoal America Inc., comes with over 17 years of experience in the intimate apparel and fit industry. Finding bras that are just right for you requires an understanding of your breast size and shape. Auer will help you determine both of these things and will also recommend the best bras for your body type and wardrobe needs. For more than 30 years, Wacoal America has combined their passion and expertise to empower countless women with the confidence that comes from wearing a bra that fits just right.


Explore a 110-acre lake in a canoe. Instructors will teach proper canoeing techniques, several paddling strokes and canoe safety. Once participants learn the basics, they will be able to practice them on Bradford Woods’ calm and relaxing lake.


Join Molly Wilson, chef and owner of Indianapolis-based Sprig & Plate, for a fun and interactive charcuterie workshop!  Learn pro tips and tricks to create your own beautiful charcuterie boards at home. Sip on a glass of wine while you get “hands on” and make your own unique charcuterie box to snack on or take with you.  We will raffle a custom-made charcuterie board for one lucky participant to take home.


Want to learn how to play this lawn game or improve your game? The courts will be open at all times on Tuesday to get advice and instruction that will help you master the game. How do you score?  What are variations of the game? This and more will be covered by our experts.


In addition to flying drones, you will learn current laws governing the operation of drones/remote controlled aircraft, the different types of drones available, the components required to build a drone, different applications that drones are being utilized for, a shopping list of what’s available to purchase/assemble. The technology keeps advancing and so have the drones at Mickey’s Camp. This session will offer beginners an intro to basic drones. We have also upgraded to GPS assisted drones to get you in the air sooner. If you want to try out creating waypoints and programming a drone, we can do that too. If you’re interested in FPV racing or just want to see what drone racing looks like, this session will not disappoint.


David Miller, Co-Owner/Esthetic Director of “David and Mary” – The Salon Experience in Fishers, Indiana, returns with his talented team of Estheticians, providing facials to soothe your skin and your senses. Leave your facial session with smooth, healthy-looking skin. You will feel the difference and friends will notice the added “glow!”

For a more advanced exfoliating facial, consider a Dermaplaning Facial. Experience brighter, less blotchy skin…. all with no discomfort or downtime!


Want a relaxing morning on the pontoon? Join Bradford Woods staff for a fishing expedition on the lake. They will show you all the best fishing holes the camp has to offer.


When hosting a celebration, creating the best tablescape for your entrance or dining table is key. Not only will you learn design ideas for unique table looks, but you will also learn tips on how to enhance floral décor for celebrations, as well as day-to-day pieces. Come learn décor tips from Gene Huddleson, owner of LGH Design Group, now known as Detail + Design.

Huddleson has created fascinating theme parties and lavish social events.  He was chosen as a Vice Presidential Residence Holiday Designer in 1995 and 1996. Huddleson’s work has received many local and international awards and has appeared in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, the New York Times, and many local publications.


Through hands-on fly fishing instruction provided by local expert Jon Widboom, participants will be schooled in the magic of fly fishing. Widboom has been fly fishing around the world for more than 30 years, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.


Join Chef Ben from Gallery Pastry Shop in one of his popular macaron classes. Chef Ben graduated Summa Cum Laude from Le Cordon Bleu International Culinary Academy with a degree in Pastry Arts and has been a pastry chef for nearly 19 years. He and his business partner, Alison Keefer, opened Gallery Pastry Shop located in SoBro in 2015 where he regularly holds a macaron class. Chef Ben will walk campers through the macaron production process and provide important details to ensure a successful macaron recipe.


Women’s ability to contribute and make a lasting impact in philanthropy is often overlooked and under-utilized. In truth, women are driving most of the philanthropic giving decisions in this country. Research tells us that women behave differently than men in their philanthropic giving. We cannot assume what works for men will be applicable to women. This session will share national trends in philanthropic giving by women, empower you to ask the right questions of nonprofits as you explore your philanthropic power, and give you a template for creating your own philanthropic giving plan.

Angela White, long-time camper, will be the presenter on this discussion.  White has been with Johnson Grossnickle & Associates since 1996.  White has a high level of expertise in philanthropic consulting in healthcare, education, social services, arts, and faith-based organizations. She also has considerable depth in strategic planning and data analysis. Among Angela’s passions are women’s issues and women-serving organizations. Angela is a member of the faculty at The Fundraising School at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and often presents on behalf of the Women’s Philanthropy Institute.


Erika Wicoff will work with you on the fundamentals of your game and provide a possible new perspective on your putting. Bring your 7 iron and your putter or use one of ours. Simple adjustments to your address position and target perception can make a huge impact in your overall game. Wicoff has been teaching for over 12 years after a successful playing career that includes winning three Big Ten Individual Championships, two US Women’s Amateur Medals and competing in five US Women’s Opens while playing on the LPGA tour for six years. An IU Athletic Hall of Fame and Indiana PGA Hall of Fame Inductee, her experience competing, and teaching will help you play better golf.


Learn to make healthy treats with Pastry Chef Jill Burnett, owner of Jillicious Eats. Participants will learn the difference between artificial sweeteners and healthier alternatives, as well as which ones are best for baking. Healthy treats can taste amazing! You will find that out in class. Please note that this class will use ingredients including nuts, dairy, and tree nuts. Participants will be provided with easy recipes they can make at home and enjoy with their friends and family.


This 90-minute hip-hop class is not to be missed! Megan Quiring will take you through a fun, follow-the-leader warm-up as you groove to some of your favorite songs from the 90’s and today. After a therapeutic dose of endorphins from cardio warm-up, class will move into learning a short hip-hop combination. Quiring will break the movements down into easily understandable pieces as you build a routine together. Class is all levels, and no dance experience is required. Quiring’s goal for dancers is to keep moving and HAVE FUN!

Quiring graduated from Indiana University where she earned her BA in Arts Administration and Dance Performance. After moving to Indianapolis, she performed and choreographed with Motus Dance as a Core Artist and administrator from 2007-2012. She was a member of the White Rabbit Cabaret’s in-house performance group Hasenpfeffer and has participated in Flourish: a modern dance series, which brings together a variety of performing and visual artists in the Indianapolis arts community. Quiring is a credentialed judge for the Indiana High School Dance Team Association (IHSDTA) and taught at the Indy Dance Academy from 2015 to 2020.  She currently is teaching Kids Dance Outreach in Indianapolis and is a dance instructor at A-List Dance Center in Carmel.


What makes a good war film? Is there, or should there be, such a thing as a “good” war film? Take a dive into the history of conflict presented on celluloid, with an in-depth discussion of war films and anti-war films, both subtle and in-your-face.

Tim Irwin previously worked for Heartland Film, the largest film festival in the Midwest. As Artistic Director of Heartland Film, Irwin was ultimately responsible for the programmatic and artistic direction of the organization. Irwin is currently the executive producer of “Artrageous with Nate,” an Emmy award-winning travel show focused on creativity and innovation.


Everyone knows that honey comes from bees.  But did you know you can make amazing home products with the beeswax too?  At this session Seib’s Hoosier Honey will be at camp to show campers how they also make honey soaps, lip balms, lotion, wrinkle fighter, dog treats and so much more with products from their hives.

Seib’s Hoosier Honey is a small beekeeping operation that has bees at seven different apiaries around Northeast Morgan County.


You think your work is a zoo? Bill Street, Senior Vice President of the Indianapolis Zoo will be on hand to introduce you to some of his zoo friends, tell behind the scenes stories, share the future of your zoo, and give you a never been heard insight into what it takes to care for all the animals at our zoo. Best of all, come nose to nose and get your picture taken with a sloth and other animal ambassadors.

Street is a board member of the North American Association for Environmental Education and is currently launching the Global Center for Species Survival, a partnership between the Zoo and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission.  Before coming to Indianapolis in 2019, he served as Corporate Curator for SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment and Executive Director of the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.


Linda Mordoh & Jim Anderson from Savvy Décor will be discussing the latest trends in Interior Design, Color, Furniture, Wallpaper, etc. They have over 43 years of experience and would love it if you brought photos of your home that needs design advice. We will help you take your rooms from average to extraordinary. Come prepared with lots of questions.


There’s a saying that the best camera is the one you have with you. For many of us today, that camera is the iPhone. Award-winning photographer Rad Drew will show you how to make great photos using your iPhone. He will introduce you to techniques for making portraits, shooting beautiful panoramas, and capturing action shots. After you have the shot, then what?

Drew will demonstrate, using a few simple apps, how you can make your images sing! Although a photographer for many years, in 2010 he acquired his first iPhone. Since then, his creative iPhone images have received numerous awards and have made their way into juried international competitions. Drew teaches mobile photography to individuals, corporations, and professional organizations and leads destination tours, which are great ways to learn while photographing beautiful areas of the world.


The James Webb Space Telescope will rewrite cosmic history. It has been designed to answer many of the core questions that have animated astronomers over the past half-century. With a $10 billion price tag, it is one of the most ambitious engineering initiatives ever attempted, but for it to achieve its potential — nothing less than to rewrite the history of the cosmos and reshape humanity’s position within it — a lot of things must work just right.

To read that earliest chapter in the universe’s history — to discover the nature of those first gargantuan stars, to understand the invisible matter whose gravity coaxed them into being, to study how enormous black holes grew and worked their way into galaxies’ centers, and to determine if we are alone in this cosmos or merely a tiny part of a never-ending galactic neighborhood of intelligent civilizations, an enormous mirror orbiting a million miles from Earth is not nearly enough.

Join Greg McCauley, President/CEO, of Grand Universe as we peel away the layers of technology and reveal the true nature of the world’s largest and most expensive space telescope ever built. You will be amazed at what you will find.


If you loved the movie Flashdance, enjoy jazzercise, or just want to move your body, this class is for you! Instructor, Megan Quiring, will create a supportive class based in traditional jazz movement, focused on music, movement, and style. Quiring will break the 90 min class into three parts: taking you through a fun and thorough center floor warmup, building on warmup to begin to travel and move across the floor, and finishing with a fun short jazz dance combination!

Quiring graduated from Indiana University where she earned her BA in Arts Administration and Dance Performance. After moving to Indianapolis, she performed and choreographed with Motus Dance as a Core Artist and administrator from 2007-2012. She was a member of the White Rabbit Cabaret’s in-house performance group Hasenpfeffer and has participated in Flourish: a modern dance series, which brings together a variety of performing and visual artists in the Indianapolis arts community. Quiring is a credentialed judge for the Indiana High School Dance Team Association (IHSDTA) and taught at the Indy Dance Academy from 2015 to 2020.  She currently is teaching Kids Dance Outreach in Indianapolis and is a dance instructor at A-List Dance Center in Carmel.


No one wants to think about what would happen if they were caught in a life-threatening situation, but if it’s important to be prepared. Are you ready to defend yourself and your loved ones?

Come join Krav Maga Worldwide Indy in this introductory session on a technique that will help you be more aware, develop total-body fitness, and learn real-world self-defense skills. Unlike some other martial arts, there is no “sports” component to Krav Maga — it’s about keeping yourself safe in a real dangerous situation, not just in the gym.

As a martial art, Krav Maga focuses on quick, efficient, and effective movements that anyone can learn. It’s simple and instinctive. With decades of cumulative experience and a long track record of success, their expert coaches will help you learn to live fearlessly knowing you can defend yourself and your family.


NEW this year!  You will be able to pick between either a lash session or brow session.  If you sign up for this session, you will receive an email from Kari prior to camp asking which you would like to receive – lashes or brows.


Lash & Brow Design Co is back for our 10th year. We will show you why so many women have chosen to make Lash Extensions part of their lifestyle. When you book your session with Lash & Brow Design Co, you will enjoy an hour and a half luxurious Eyelash Application with one of our Certified Lash Artists. We will customize a look to accentuate your natural beauty.

Please come with a fresh, clean face (no makeup!), for best results we recommend not using waterproof mascara 24 hours before and after your application, avoid getting water directly on the eyelashes, and apply no makeup for 24 hours after your session.


The 80’s are back, don’t expect Marty McFly to join you but do expect a 2020 version of a beautiful brow! Have you heard of brow lamination? It’s like a perm but way better! And Lash & Brow Design Company is adding this to their camp services for 2022.

Brow lamination involves straightening and lifting the hairs using a chemical solution, which allows the hairs to have more flexibility to move them into your desired shape, therefore covering any gaps or stray areas.  After your natural brow hairs are straightened, a fixing solution is applied to keep the hairs straight, as well as a tint if desired. The result is fuller-looking brows that stay in place when brushed into shape, lasting around six weeks.


Ever wondered how to play Mah Jongg?  Need to know the basics or want some tips from seasoned players? This tile-based game was developed in the 19th century in China and has spread through the world in the 20th century.  This year we are bringing it Mickey’s Camp.

Our session will be led by members of the Fishers Mah Jongg Center. The center was formed in 2015 by local players looking for a comfortable and flexible location to enjoy playing Mah Jongg. Some of the members have been playing for decades, but most are relatively new to the game. Players come from many different communities in central Indiana. The Center observes the National Mah Jongg League Rules.


Enjoy time with Mary Miller, co-owner of “David and Mary” – The Salon Experience and Celebrity Makeup Artist/Master Hair Colorist in Fishers, Indiana to update your makeup. Learn the most convenient techniques to keep your makeup looking fresh and modern. Just arrive with a clean face. Prepare to have a great session, and let Mary work her magic!


Let Neat Mobile Nail Salon pamper you at camp with a manicure. Nails by Neat is a locally owned, customer focused nail salon. Neat is all about high-quality manicure and pedicure services, good vibes and making Indy more beautiful one manicure at a time.


Whether you like sports, deep tissue or just a relaxation massage, our certified massage therapy staff will be on hand to soothe the sore muscles you may get during all of the fun activities available at Mickey’s Camp. Never had a massage? This is the perfect opportunity to try one! All members of our professional staff are equipped to handle the first-time client or the massage veteran. Treat yourself!


The Hard Truth Mixology at Mickey’s Camp class will allow campers to gain hands-on, in-depth experience making and tasting cocktails while masterfully using bartender techniques and tools. Over the course of the session, campers will learn about the history of mixed drinks and use bartending utensils to create cocktails.


Join our staff as we hike through history, discovering the background on how Bradford Woods came to be. Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of this 2,500-acre property, its founders, and the enduring legacy they left for generations to come.


Are you “stumped” when it comes to identifying trees? Branch out and learn something new as we explore what makes ‘The Woods,’ the woods. Participants will “leaf” this session with the knowledge on how to properly identify various types of trees in South-Central Indiana.


Learn to tie a piece of parachute cord into a “survival” bracelet. We’ll have lots of colors and a couple of knotting styles to teach you. Like Mad Max, it’s always handy to have a length of strong cording to tie something down, tie something up, or even treat injuries (slings, sutures, tourniquet). It can even repel insects when treated with our recipe for natural repellent. And besides, it makes a cool piece of jewelry! No need to sign up for this one — just join us after dinner in the Dining Hall.


Jeremy Rosenstein and Sandy Schwarz will teach Pickleball. The fastest growing sport in America provides fun, great exercise and awakens your competitive spirit. Pickleball will bring out your athleticism and make you move to the bounce of a whiffle ball off your oversized paddle. This sport creates great rallies and social fun!

Rosenstein, who is also a sports videographer, has been coaching a variety of sports including tennis and pickleball since 2009. This will be his 8th year with Mickey’s Camp and Rosenstein has won a combined 12 Pickleball Singles and Doubles Tournaments in his career. This will be Schwarz’s 6th year of teaching. She is an avid player and has conducted several tournaments.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to can to preserve your own food? What Grandmother did may not be what we now know as best practice.  During this hands-on session, you will learn about the correct research-based methods of canning to preserve high acid foods, how to get started, deciding what to can, and the correct process to follow for specific types of foods.  The class will be hands on with campers canning a pickled product using a hot bath for a jar of something yummy to take home!

Instructor, Harriet Armstrong, Health & Human Sciences Educator for Purdue Extension – Bartholomew County, is trained in teaching the Mastering Home Food Preservation series offered by Purdue Extension. Having grown up on a farm where gardening and home food preservation was done, she recognizes the need to do it safely so you can enjoy the harvest throughout the year. She has been with Purdue Extension for 10 years and enjoys seeing people learn skills that they can apply to their daily living.


Come try Pilates with instructor Risa Sibley.  Sibley is the President /Owner of Perfekt , LLC in Zionsville , Indiana.  If you have never tried this mind-body exercise you can try it out at camp.  If you have tried it before, then this session will be a great workout.

Sibley has been teaching Pilates and Cycling for 10 years at her location in Zionsville, in addition to 6 years of instructing at other locations in Indy. Sibley works on both healthy bodies and those returning to functional movement post-surgery.

As a side gig ….Sibley is a Real Estate Referral Broker with Encore Sothebys .  She can strengthen your core and sell your house!


Come capture the light and beauty of outdoor painting.  Join Julie McCullough Fine Art as she shows you all you need to know to become a plein air artist.  Learn how to capture light in a quick paint session with a few simple colors and a canvas.

McCullough is an award-winning oil and pastel painter and has been featured in the series Good Bones here in Indianapolis.


Sharpen your poker skills with two of poker’s greatest instructors/players. Linda Johnson was the third woman in history to win a gold bracelet at the World Series of Poker and has won more than 100 poker tournaments including the California State Ladies Poker Championship. Nicknamed the “First Lady of Poker,” Johnson’s accomplishments in poker are extraordinary. In 2018, she became the inaugural inductee into the World Poker Tour Hall of Fame. She has co-written three poker books and writes a column for a national poker magazine. She was inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in 2008 and the Poker Hall of Fame in 2011. Jan Fisher started her poker career in 1977 when she became a poker dealer. Fisher dealt in many cardrooms in Las Vegas then moved on to semi-professional playing and poker management. She wrote the Poker 101 column for Card Player magazine for more than 10 years and was inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in 2009. Johnson and Fisher are partners in Card Player Cruises.


Succeeding in the business world and the poker world requires many life skills. In this session, Linda Johnson will talk about how the attributes of a successful poker player would also help someone in business succeed. She will entertain you with lots of “behind the scenes ” details of what it takes to be successful in poker, business, and life.

Johnson’s accomplishments in poker are extraordinary. In 2018, she became the inaugural inductee into the World Poker Tour Hall of Fame. She has co-written three poker books and writes a column for a national poker magazine. She was inducted into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in 2008 and the Poker Hall of Fame in 2011.  Johnson is also a partner in the Card Player Cruises.


The training officers are bringing all new scenarios this year. This state-of-the-art simulation system has the tools to enhance an officer’s judgment, speed of engagement and accuracy. This allows the officer to make decisions about the use of force and what degree of force to use, at real-time speed, and then answer for his or her actions. Individuals attending this training will receive an overview of the capabilities of the simulation system and be given the opportunity to participate in fun, stress-free, firearm skill building exercises.


Come talk politics with Lesley Weidenbener and fellow campers.  She covered the Indiana Statehouse for more than 20 years before coming to IBJ in 2015 where she is now the editor.

There will be two different sessions to pick from this year:

Women in Indiana Politics

Four of the past five lieutenant governors in Indiana have been women. The vast majority of Indiana’s state administrative office holders (think treasurer, auditor, secretary of state) have been women over the past decade. So why is Indiana one of 19 states that have never had a female governor? And why has there never been a woman serve as speaker of the Indiana House or president pro tem of the Indiana Senate? What does it mean that the Indiana Republican Party has never had a woman serve as its chair? Or that the Indiana Democratic Party hasn’t had a female chair since 1995. We’ll discuss why it matters whether Indiana has had women in these key positions and what could change the situation.

Assessing the Midterms

With the midterms just months away, we’ll take the political temperature in the country and Indiana and discuss how inflation, the war in Ukraine, the pandemic and whatever is happening in the moment will affect what happens at the polls – including how many people show up to vote. Plus, where is President Biden’s approval rating and what does that mean for candidates up and down the ticket?


Meet Patricia Sanders, nutritionist, and certified herbalist, for a unique and fun experience where you will taste, smell, infuse and apply locally grown healing herbs to your whole being. Join Sanders to learn how basic herbs, the oldest system of healing on the planet, can enhance your health and all the life systems around us. Please bring loose clothes for some movement. Campers will be experiencing music and playing some instruments that will remind them of a jungle. You will be inspired!

Sanders’ expertise is in harnessing the power of food as medicine. Sanders personal mission is to share her knowledge about eating sustainably, locally, and organically in order to exponentially improve health and wellbeing. As a trained herbalist and accomplished home chef, Sanders is passionate about incorporating healing herbs into the food she eats as well as the personal products she uses. Her company specializes in 100% natural plant derived health and beauty products.


Ready to put your engineering skills to the test? Raft racing participants will use materials provided, and work together as a team in order to build a raft capable of traversing our 110-acre lake. Check out the lovely scenery and enjoy some friendly competition!


The Shelby County Sports Shooting Club will help you explore the long and short of shooting sports. Beginning with the long guns, you’ll learn the parts and operation of rifles, the different calibers, and their uses, and have some fun knocking down steel targets. You’ll also explore and shoot some handguns (pistols), including revolvers and semi-automatics.


Learn the basics of sculpture methods and techniques in clay to create a small sculpture. Come try to take the camp challenge to make a woodland creature.  You can choose from a mouse, rabbit, squirrel, or turtle. You might even have a chance to turn the clay into a bronze piece for your home.

Casey Eskridge is a graduate of Herron School of Art (undergraduate), and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (masters). Early in his career he worked with The Franklin Mint and McFarlane Toys creating collectible miniatures and action figures. He has created monumental public sculptures such as the Birth of Apollo sculpture for the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee.


The Shelby County Sports Shooting Club will teach you how to shoot a shotgun. You will learn that a shotgun throws a “charge” of pellets at a moving target, rather than a single bullet at a still target. Using a 20-gauge shotgun, you will learn the parts of the firearm and the ammo, as well as how to point and shoot, pattern, and how to hit that elusive flying clay target. Depending on how good your shot is, you may progress to official trap shooting for a little friendly competition.


Kicasso Sneaker Art Bar is a one-of-a-kind painting experience where campers can create a unique wearable masterpiece while socializing with other campers. The canvas for this session will be sneakers. Yeah, that’s right, canvas sneakers. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy this session. They provide the shoes and all supplies needed. All you’ll need to bring is your creative side.


Did you know the flavor of chocolate is determined by the type and origin of cacao beans, resulting in thousands of unique flavor profiles? Or that the traditional chocolate making process repeatedly exposes chocolate to high temperatures and air, causing a loss of flavor? Want to learn more and try some delicious chocolate? Join SoChatti on this unique, artisanal chocolate tasting experience as you sample flavors from around the world through chocolate, learning about the unique origins and characteristics of each varietal.

Chocolate is one of the food industry’s toughest products to make. It burns at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It hates moisture and heat, but you typically need both to turn it into something smooth, even though aroma takes a hit. Matt Rubin solved the unsolvable when he developed technology that balances the opposing forces in chocolate, while unleashing its purest taste and scent. And because he solved one of the hardest problems out there, he had the technology to address products that can be found in all aisles of the grocery store. In 2021 Rubin launched SoChatti parent company, True Essence Foods: a food technology company rethinking everything we know about food. At True Essence they are unlocking never-before-tasted freshness in a wide array of food and beverage products. And they’re doing it with less waste, less shipping weight, and less refrigeration than ever imagined.


SUPINDY will provide the surf experience that is the fastest growing watersport in the world. SUP, short for Stand Up Paddleboard, is a way to enjoy the water, nature, and fitness all while having a surf experience. SUPINDY provides rentals, sales, and repairs throughout the state of Indiana.


Take a journey into the heart of Mexico and learn the basics about how tequila is made from 100% blue weber agave. You will learn what makes tequila one of the most unique spirits in the world. From growing the plant, to the cooking of the agave, to distillation, and finally the aging process. You will have the opportunity to taste this wonderful spirit and ask any questions you may have. This activity will be informative and fun at the same time. Brought to you by Hiatus Tequila, go #onhiatus.


Vikings, Celts, Algonquians, Rocky Mountain men and women — they all used this tool for war and peace — and fun! Tomahawks were often carried instead of swords because they were more useful and versatile. When it was time for a little friendly competition, a target was tacked to a nearby tree and the throwing axes would fly. Join us for some modern competition throwing tomahawks and even a few knives. You’ll be surprised how addictive this simple activity becomes.


Wine racks, tablet holders and dinosaurs are among the projects campers have made (and taken home). In this session campers will weld metal together to create a functional product. An explanation of metalworking tools, techniques and safety will be followed by cutting metal with plasma, machining, preparing, and welding a special camp project. Camper Peter Beering has pulled together a team of professionals to help guide campers through this exciting session.


Red blends are produced in many wine regions across the world. California, Washington, Chile, Argentina, Australia and beyond all produce a wild array of red blends. Some stick close to traditional Bordeaux or Rhône styles, while others cross regional boundaries by blending, like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah blends from Australia’s Barossa Valley.  Red blends are not new, but quickly gaining popularity. They are now the second most popular red wines in the country, just behind Pinot Noir and just ahead of Cabernet. Join this session to taste a wide variety of Red Blends from around the world.

Susan Sage has been with RNDC Indiana, formerly National Wine & Spirits for over 30 years. Starting in the Fine Wine Division and the last 23 years, managing the Pinnacle Wine Division, she represents some of the most prestigious wines from all over the world.


Melina Kennedy will share her experience in business generally, including her unique path and history of pivoting to diverse roles over time and balancing the ups and downs of work and personal life through it all.  Kennedy will share some of the practical lessons learned that can apply to women seeking to achieve success in business or general career planning.

Kennedy is Vice President – Product Compliance and Regulatory Affairs at Cummins Inc. and a member of Cummins Leadership Team.  Kennedy has been at Cummins for more than 10 years and has held several business and corporate leadership positions in the Engine Business, Power Systems Business, including leading the Global Rail business, and in executive communications. Before Cummins, Kennedy was a partner at the law firm of Baker & Daniels in the firm’s energy, environment, and climate change practice group.  Kennedy also previously served as Deputy Mayor for the City of Indianapolis and was a judicial law clerk for the Indiana Supreme Court.

Kennedy received her B.A. in Environmental Studies and History, M.S. in Environmental Science and J.D. from Indiana University Maurer School of Law.  She lives in Indianapolis with her husband, Tim, and enjoys watching her teenage  twins’ sporting events. Kennedy is also active in her community as President of the Capital Improvements Board, board member of Impact 100 Women’s Giving Circle and member of the IU Health AMC Board.


Yoga: Aroma VinYin

This class will use Essential Oils to enhance the class experience. The use of oils, which is optional, allows for another level of healing and transformation to take place during your practice. Asana practice will be half Vinyasa and half Yin postures for a deeper physical release.

Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow for the AM Sessions – Vinyasa means to flow with the breath. This class will build strength and stamina as you flow seamlessly through Sun Salutations fused with traditional poses to challenge your balance, core strength and flexibility.


At nearly 400 feet long, Bradford Woods’ zip line is specifically designed to have universal access. All participants access the zip line via a ramp, and participants of all abilities can take flight. At 65 feet tall, this activity is a great way to experience Bradford Woods from new heights!