Standing 50-feet tall, this vertical climbing structure is set on poles that crisscross toward the sky! Participants, both beginner and advanced, will be challenged by the pole climbs, dangling logs, seesaw log, high woozy, and much more. It is a creative and safe way to be challenged both physically and mentally.


Pick up a bow, launch an arrow, and the spirit of an archer may possess you. Attend the archery session to learn about this ancient art used for hunting, warring, and peaceful relaxation. We’ll talk about proper stance and form, eye dominance, aim, how to grip the bow, draw the string and how to use a consistent anchor point. We’ll also discuss how to select archery equipment to fit you and your needs.


Are you curious about the art world? Have you ever seen flashy headlines about auction records and asked yourself how paintings regularly sell for these large sums? Join us as we discuss the basics of the art market, the qualities of art as an investment, how art responds to certain market conditions and more. Learn about how art can simultaneously be a beautiful piece of history while its unique characteristic often makes it an ideal asset class. Catie Patton with Heather James Fine Art has been advising clients for 20 years. She has shared her expertise across a variety of art market landscapes and provided clients with an inside perspective and regular analysis both of the art market and financial markets at large and how those realms intersect and react to one another.

With galleries and consultancies across the globe, Heather James Fine Art is a leading international gallery. Offering works from artists like Monet, Warhol, O’Keeffe, Basquiat, Kahlo, as well as emerging artists. Heather James presents blue chip art from a cross-section of periods, movements, and genres including Post-War, Contemporary, Impressionist, Modern, American, Latin American, and Old Masters.


Ever wondered what it takes to get started in keeping a colony of bees? Come and learn how a bee colony works. Join Seib’s Hoosier Honey as they detail their history with beekeeping. Hear why they got started with this unique hobby and leave with an understanding of how important bees are to our daily lives. Come ready to experience live bees. Seib’s Hoosier Honey is a small beekeeping operation that has bees at seven different apiaries around several different counties including Hamilton, Hendricks, Morgan, and Johnson.


In this thought-provoking session, Pete the Planner will explore the profound impact of financial legacy beyond mere wealth accumulation. Delving into the essence of legacy, we’ll examine how successful individuals can transcend material riches to leave a lasting imprint on future generations and society as a whole.

From the intricacies of estate planning to the transformative power of philanthropy, we will navigate the avenues through which your financial resources can shape the world long after you’re gone. But beyond the tangible assets lies a deeper inquiry: What values, principles, and ideals will define your legacy? How can you ensure that your wealth reflects not just financial success, but a legacy of integrity, compassion, and purpose?

Through engaging anecdotes, compelling case studies, and practical insights, we’ll uncover the secrets to crafting a meaningful financial legacy that extends far beyond bank accounts and property deeds. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a savvy investor, or a visionary leader, this keynote will inspire you to rethink your approach to wealth and leave a legacy that resonates for generations to come. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the true essence of financial legacy and its profound impact on the world we leave behind.


The Bourbon Boom in now officially upon us! The world of whiskey, in particular bourbon, has seen a tremendous boost in popularity over the past several years. Whether you’re an avid whiskey drinker, new to the scene or interested in buying your first bottle, it can be very intimidating to figure out what you should and shouldn’t be trying! Take a journey with us as we sample through unique, hard to find options as well as bourbon you can find every day on the shelf, all on a quest to find the perfect bourbon for your palate. The Indiana Liquor Group will lay out the basics to bourbon, key terms to know, and how to properly taste and smell whiskey.


Explore a 110-acre lake in a canoe. Bradford Woods instructors will teach proper canoeing techniques, several paddling strokes and canoe safety. Once participants learn the basics, they will be able to practice them on Bradford Woods’ calm and relaxing lake.


Enjoy a question-and-answer chat session with car collecting aficionado and Indianapolis entrepreneur Turner J.R. Woodard. The conversation will center around top things to look for when collecting cars for hobby or investment. Turner will also discuss “red flags” and what to avoid and be aware of when buying used cars. Like any other market, there are ups and downs with prices and certain cars begin to trend hot, while demand for others fade. In this session we simply have a chat and Turner will attempt to answer questions and give his opinions from a collector who has bought and sold many vintage and collectable cars. It will be an enjoyable time and hopefully whoever wishes to attend will come away with helpful hints for what has become a very popular car collecting hobby, remembering that whatever one may purchase as a collectible car, it will perform by bringing many smiles!

Turner is passionate about all thing’s cars! He’s a car collector, race car driver, artist, real estate investor, philanthropist, among many other life-long passions! Turner is a real estate turnaround specialist focusing on “adaptive reuse” opportunities. Best known for saving the historic Stutz Factory from the wrecking ball, in 1993, Turner purchased the city block-sized property and developed it into one of the country’s first incubator spaces for startups, small businesses and artists of all types. The Stutz Factory has a new Car Museum and hospitality space where Turner’s Stutz automobile collection is on display and open to the public.


Ever wanted to know how to make the perfect Swiss roll? This common French pastry often highlighted during the holidays will be the topic is this session. This year Chef Ben is joined by Chef Youssef who will lead campers through creating this holiday tradition with a twist of bourbon using recipes easy to follow at home.

Chef Benjamin Hardy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Le Cordon Bleu, International Culinary Academy with a degree in Pastry Arts. With over 20 years as a classically trained French pastry chef, Ben has shared his experiences throughout many facets of the hospitality industry in specialty chocolate shops, luxury hotels, high production facilities for local grocery stores, country clubs, and is also an instructor to future pastry chefs. 

Chef Youssef is a traveled French Pastry Chef with tenure in Paris, Casablanca, New York and now Indianapolis.  He has perfected his art with Lauderée and Pierre Hermé and is now sharing his creativity in Indianapolis with J’adore, a concept that invites fellowship through hospitality with elevated food and contemporary pastry. 


Explore the wonders of food science and learn to make Bloody Mary spheres, margarita spheres, and truffle foam. 

Raised in Calabasas, Rebecca is a Private and Corporate Chef specializing in molecular gastronomy. Rebecca received her Bachelor of Science Degree, in Business Administration & Management, at the University of San Francisco. She went on to pursue her Post-Baccalaureate, in Science and Biochemistry, at UC Berkeley. She excelled at Organic Chemistry and Physics. Rebecca was Sous Chef to Chef Tiffany Jablonski and is currently the Head Chef and Co-Founder of the catering companies, My Private Chef Events and My Jewish Chef. Rebecca now lives in Indianapolis with her 6-year-old son, Remington.


Taste some of the world’s best cheeses with Max McCalman. Not only will you taste some of his favorite cheeses you will learn which wines pair best with them and why. Renowned as one of the cheese world’s living legends for his expertise, insight, and passion, Max McCalman is dedicated to helping others understand and enjoy the unique pleasures of artisanal cheeses.

Max McCalman became America’s first restaurant based Fromager at New York City’s Picholine Restaurant in 1995. The success of the program led to the creation of the Artisanal Bistro in 2001, then to the establishment of the online retailer in 2003 where Max served as its Maître Fromager, Director of Affinage and Dean of Curriculum.

McCalman is the author of four books on cheese, including: Mastering Cheese—winner of Gourmand Cookbook Awards’ Best Book on Cheese; Cheese, a Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Best—winner of a James Beard Award; The Cheese Plate and Max McCalman’s Swatchbook of Wine & Cheese Pairings. 

Max is Maître Fromager for The Wine Room in Delray Beach and Winter Park in Florida.


Coffee tasting with a twist! Our long-time coffee sponsor Peter Beering will offer a look into the cup at what it takes to be in the coffee business. This unique behind the scenes view will include a discussion about agricultural issues, supply chain challenges, menu, and recipe development. Campers will enjoy a unique caffeinated experience!


What does it take to tell the story of your brand or business? Drones? …Cinema Cameras?…Talent?…Lots of $$$…What’s the secret? The answer may surprise you.

If you have asked those questions, then this is the session for you. Business owners and managers often ask questions like that or ask themselves what is the best way to present your brand or business to the public if you are on a budget? Marketing is a complete plan, and a lot of us just do one thing on the checklist and don’t realize that everything else is connected. Your social media skills do matter even if it looks like no one is watching.

Jeremiah Little Co-Founder of RadBot Video Production will lead this session to answer some of these questions for you and your business. Jeremiah helped start Radbot during the pandemic but has been producing videos for many more years. He wants to show you how video content is the number one tool to make sure you get the right message out about your brand and who you are.


Craps is the most exciting game in any casino. The dice in the air, a cheering crowd with lots of colorful characters, and the best odds in the casino equal an unforgettable experience. Many people are intimidated or confused by this incredible game. It will be taught by local craps experts, campers Bob Laikin and Matt Burnett, who have years of experience and lots of stories! Learn how to approach a craps table with confidence and build a strategy to come home a winner. A practice craps table will be available to learn and practice this outstanding game. 


Dutch oven cooking is a fun way to socialize with people and make new friends. There’s just something special about good food that has a way of drawing people together. And it’s not just useful during camping trips. Aside from being a fun activity, Dutch oven cooking is a life skill that everyone can learn and benefit from. Our lives have become so fast-paced, we’ve forgotten or neglected to learn many skills that, 100 years ago, would have been second nature to us. How would many of us know how to cook for our families without electricity or propane? With Dutch oven cooking skills, you’ll have the confidence to cook a good hot meal for your family at any time regardless of the circumstances. We’ll be making a variety of delicious foods—even dessert—to share with anyone that wants to sample from our ovens. Join us! 


David Miller, Co-Owner/Esthetic Director of “David and Mary”—The Salon Experience in Fishers, Indiana, returns with his talented team of Estheticians, providing facials 

to soothe your skin and your senses. Leave your facial session with smooth, healthy-looking skin. You will feel the difference and friends will notice the added “glow!”


Do you struggle to find balance in your life? Are you constantly putting everyone and everything ahead of yourself? Do you feel like there isn’t enough time for those people and activities that are most important to you? If this resonates with you, join us for this interactive session to learn more about how your brain works, what a life inventory map can reveal, and how you can find ways to live a more energized and integrated whole life.

For us all to maximize growth and to find balance, we all need a basic understanding of how our brain works. What fuels it, what drains it, and how can we nourish it to reach our maximum potential as leaders, and as whole people who are focused intentionally on their well-being and the well-being of those around them – teammates, family members, and the community.  

This session will be led by Sheri L. Fella, Founder & CEO of Bloombase – a boutique executive leadership firm based in Bloomington. Sheri has been working with high-performing leaders for over 25 years. Her unique experience as a Kelley Business School faculty member, corporate executive, business owner, and a country girl from the southern hills of Santa Claus has informed her team’s work in high impact, transformational change in leaders’ lives as whole people. We all play multiple roles inside and outside of work, and all those spaces we are in, represent a profound opportunity for growth.


Want a relaxing morning on the pontoon? Join Bradford Woods staff for a fishing expedition on the lake. They will show you all the best fishing holes the camp has to offer.


Through hands-on fly fishing instruction provided by local expert Jon Widboom, participants will be schooled in the magic of fly fishing. Widboom has been fly fishing around the world for more than 30 years, including Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.


Experience the ancient art of blacksmithing by harnessing the power of fire and force to bend steel to your will. This class will introduce you to the basics of forging and working with steel. Come away with anything from a railroad spike letter opener to a steak turner that all your friends at the cookout will envy. You will learn how to use the different parts of the hammer and anvil, general smithing vocabulary, rudimentary metallurgy. Have fun playing with fire and come away with a new skill and an item that will last for generations.

Jeremy Pugh has been smithing and working with metal for 30 years from apprentice to teacher, welder, artist, studio technician and more. He has been teaching for and maintaining the Indianapolis Art Center for the last 8 years. His classes range from Blacksmith Blade making and Metal Sculpture to Wood Working. 


Erika Wicoff will work with you on your fundamentals and possibly provide a new perspective on your golf game. Bring your 7 iron and sand wedge or use one of ours. Simple adjustments to your address position and target perception can make a huge impact in your overall game.

Wicoff has been teaching for over 18 years after a successful playing career that includes winning three Big Ten Individual Championships, two US Women’s Amateur Medals and competing in five US Women’s Opens while playing on the LPGA tour for six years. An IU Athletic Hall of Fame and Indiana PGA Hall of Fame Inductee, her experience competing, and teaching will help you play better golf.


Join BBQ Master Ernie Verbarg 5-time Indiana State Fair Barbecue Champion (2023 and 2014 Grand Champion & 2019, 2016, and 2013 Reserve Grand Champion) and owner of Grilliant Foods as he shares some of his secrets on how to prepare award winning BBQ at home. We will have samples of all the proteins he will be showing you how to make. He will be giving tips on grilling chicken and a variety of beef items including brisket and more!


Have you always wanted to operate construction equipment? Test your skills on the Mickey’s Camp obstacle course! Each camper will operate a Caterpillar Excavator, Caterpillar Compact Track Loader, Kubota Loader, and a JLG Manlift. Representatives from MacAllister Machinery and Bowen Engineering, along with MacAllister Machinery Operator Trainers, Ridge Inman and Josh Farley, will be on-site to train each individual on the machines before operating. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!


Films From Flyover Country

Hey, we know we’re not Hollywood or New York. But a surprising number of great documentary films came from right here in Central Indiana. Documentaries are hot worldwide. Indianapolis hosts at least FIVE film festivals each year, but you may not realize how many films are homegrown. And it’s not a new phenomenon. One Indiana TV station won a Peabody Award for a documentary on race relations in 1969. Another won a national Emmy Award in 1981 for exposing a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan. More recently, Ted Green has brought us compelling stories on a Holocaust survivor and a Pacers ABA legend. Karen Grau has opened up the nation’s juvenile justice system, bringing cameras where they were never allowed before. And the man many consider one of the greatest documentary directors of all time came to Indiana to make a landmark film. 

Kevin Finch, himself, a documentary director, will be your guide. His new documentary on Indiana jazz legend Wes Montgomery is airing on public TV stations across the country and on Kevin made the transition from newsroom to classroom, teaching journalism and documentary filmmaking at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. He has covered some of the biggest stories of our lifetime, managed TV newsrooms in Indianapolis, and has written documentaries for Discovery and TLC and directed films for American Public Television and others.  He produced coverage in Washington, DC on 9/11 and covered the first anniversary of the attacks in New York. Kevin also covered the Senate vote following President Clinton’s impeachment, a presidential inauguration, several political conventions and the bombing of Centennial Olympic Park during the Atlanta Olympics.


Every good Indiana resident and sports fan has seen it. “Hoosiers” is a 1986 American sports film written by Angelo Pizzo. It tells the story of a small-town Indiana high school basketball team that wins the state championship. Listen to the behind-the-scenes stories of this classic from the screenwriter himself and enjoy 30 minutes of uncut footage.

Pizzo began his film/television career with Warner Brothers Television in the story development group and then moved to Time-Life Films. After serving as Vice President of Feature Film Productions he worked with former fraternity brother David Anspaugh to create “Hoosiers” which earned two Oscar Award nominations and was named best sports film of all time by USA Today. “Hoosiers” is listed on the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry. Pizzo also wrote and produced “Rudy” and wrote and directed “My All American”. He continues writing screenplays and making films.


Mike Weaver will delve into his experiences in leading a multi-generational company to ongoing success. A special focus will be on building and nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in a well-established business.

Mike grew up in Huntington and was on the 1964 team that were state runners-up, when Indiana high school basketball was single class. He was chosen as the 1964 Trester Award winner and selected to the Indiana All Star team. He played collegiately at Northwestern where he was a three-year starter, twice selected as the team’s most valuable player and captain his senior year. Following Northwestern, he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, although he opted to study for his MBA at Northwestern. He also served in the US Army from 1969-70.

In 1972 Mike returned to the family business (Weaver Popcorn) as a third generation Weaver to work alongside his father. Throughout his career, he has helped lead the company from its roots as a local grower and producer of popcorn to its current status as one of the world’s largest popcorn companies. Mike led several transformative initiatives which helped the company achieve its global reach. Most notable, Mike led the creation of the company’s hybrid research team, entry into retail products like microwave popcorn, and creation of the Trail’s End brand which has enabled local Scouting Councils to raise over $4 billion since its creation in the early 1980’s. Mike and his son, Will, continue running the company with much success.


There’s a saying that the best camera is the one you have with you. For many of us today, that camera is the iPhone. Award-winning photographer Rad Drew will show you how to make great photos using your iPhone. He will introduce you to techniques for making portraits, shooting beautiful panoramas, and capturing action shots. After you have the shot, then what?

Drew will demonstrate, using a few simple apps, how you can make your images sing! Although a photographer for many years, he did not acquire his first iPhone until 2010. Since then, his creative iPhone images have received numerous awards and have made their way into juried international competitions. Drew teaches mobile photography to individuals, corporations, and professional organizations and leads destination tours, which are great ways to learn while photographing beautiful areas of the world.


No one wants to think about what would happen if they were caught in a life-threatening situation, but it’s important to be prepared. Are you ready to defend yourself and your loved ones? 

Come join Krav Maga Worldwide Indy in this introductory session on a technique that will help you be more aware, develop total-body fitness, and learn real-world self-defense skills. Unlike some other martial arts, there is no “sports” component to Krav Maga—it’s about keeping yourself safe in a real dangerous situation, not just in the gym. 

As a martial art, Krav Maga focuses on quick, efficient, and effective movements that anyone can learn. It’s simple and instinctive. With decades of cumulative experience and a long track record of success, their expert coaches will help you learn to live fearlessly knowing you can defend yourself and your family.


Ready for combat? Join Hoosier Game Hut at their Mobile Laser Tag class and challenge your friends or associates. Their high-tech Laser Tag is a blast! The Hoosier Game Coach/Referee makes sure everybody is ready for combat, then runs the game so everyone can participate. The custom designed Laser Tag Trailer comes equipped with everything needed to make your gaming experience the best it can be!


Astronaut Harrison Schmitt, the only professional geologist to walk on the Moon, returned from Apollo 17 in 1972 with his spacesuit covered in corrosive lunar dust, a hazard for astronauts. Yet, over time, Schmitt realized that hidden in this dust could be one of the greatest discoveries of modern times – a rare isotope called Helium-3 with the potential to revolutionize fusion energy due to its non-radioactive properties.

It’s now been calculated there are over a million metric tons of Helium-3 on the Moon, enough to power planet Earth for 1,000 years. And valued at $4 billion per ton, it’s the most valuable thing we have ever discovered in space.

There is a new Gold Rush coming: our Moon could become the Persian Gulf of the 21st century.

Join us as we uncover recent developments that could change the world.


Whether you like sports, deep tissue or just a relaxation massage, our certified massage therapy staff will be on hand to soothe the sore muscles you may get during all

of the fun activities available at Mickey’s Camp. Never had a massage? This is the perfect opportunity to try one! All members of our professional staff are equipped to handle the first-time client or the massage veteran. Treat yourself!


What makes a bird a bird? Enjoy an introduction to bird adaptations and bird identification as you investigate a variety of bird habitats at Bradford Woods. Common local birds will be identified by using field observation techniques and proper use of binoculars and field guides.


Are you “stumped” when it comes to identifying trees? Branch out and learn something new as we explore what makes ‘The Woods,’ the woods. Participants will “leaf” this session with the knowledge on how to properly identify various types of trees in South-Central Indiana.


You want to win, right? But you also need win-win answers to problems where everybody around the table comes out ahead, right? It’s often not easy to get all parties on board to find the right balance – strengthening business relationships without sacrificing the bottom line, right? Not so! You can be more effective in finding viable solutions by using powerful “win-win” negotiation strategies and tactics. The ability to successfully negotiate “win-win” outcomes is one of the most highly prized skills in any business situation. Learn from Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow, Clinical Associate Professor of Management from the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University-Indianapolis how you can effectively negotiate “win-win” outcomes that create mutual benefits and strengthen relations for all parties involved.


The Purdue Boilermakers had a historic 2024 with the men’s basketball team making their first national championship game appearance in 55 years. The landscape of collegiate athletics has changed drastically in the last couple of years. Notably, the two most significant changes have been NIL (Name, Image & Likeness) and the transfer portal. There are many misconceptions around NIL along with confusion as to what it is. Let’s talk about how it has impacted college athletics so far, how it functions across the country, and how the landscape could change in the years to come.

Dave Neff is the CEO of Boilermaker Alliance, Purdue University’s exclusive NIL collective empowering student-athletes to become champions in their sport and in their communities. Dave’s career spans the nonprofit and private sectors having held leadership roles at Pacers Sports & Entertainment, ExactTarget (Salesforce), EDGE Mentoring (Co-Founder & CEO) and Prolific.



Learn to tie a piece of parachute cord into a “survival” bracelet. We’ll have lots of colors and a couple of knotting styles to teach you. Like Mad Max, it’s always handy to have a length of strong cording to tie something down, tie something up, or even treat injuries (slings, sutures, tourniquet). It can even repel insects when treated with our recipe for natural repellent. And besides, it makes a cool piece of jewelry! No need to sign up for this one—just join us after dinner in the Dining Hall.


Jeremy Rosenstein and Sandy Schwarz will be at camp to teach the fastest growing sport in America, Pickleball! With a little fun and some great exercise, you will awaken your competitive spirit and bring out your athleticism. This sport creates great rallies and social fun!

Rosenstein, who is also a sports videographer, has been coaching a variety of sports including tennis and pickleball since 2009. Rosenstein has won a combined 30 medals in tournament play. Schwarz is an avid player, has conducted several tournaments and has won over 18 medals in tournament play.


Sharpen your poker skills with two new poker professionals this year at camp. Matt Savage is a distinguished figure in the poker industry who has worked for the World Poker Tour for over two decades, currently holding the title of WPT Executive Tour Director. Matt’s influence in the poker world is evident through his extensive WPT work, having directed over 450 televised episodes of poker. Aside from his role with WPT, Matt is a renowned industry leader, co-founding the Tournament Directors Association. He has received widespread recognition in the poker community, earning five Global Poker Index (GPI) Awards and accumulating eight nominations for the Poker Hall of Fame. Notably, he served as the Tournament Director for the inaugural events in Macau and Monte Carlo, and he played a pivotal role in organizing some of the largest tournaments worldwide, including the World Series of Poker from 2002 to 2004. Matt will be joined at camp with his wife Maryann. Both are excited to come join Mickey’s Camp for the first time.


Come talk politics with Lesley Weidenbener and fellow campers. She covered the Indiana Statehouse for more than 20 years before coming to the IBJ in 2015 where she is now the editor.

There will be two different sessions to pick from this year:

Politics: The Presidential Race

Presidential race and undecided voters. Almost every year, pundits say key races will come down to “undecided voters.” Who are these undecided voters? How many are there in the presidential race? And what determines how they’ll break when they go to the voting booth – if they go at all.

Politics in Indiana: 

Indiana has long been reliably Republican when it comes to presidential politics. But for many decades, Democrats had some success at the Statehouse. That’s no longer the case. What has changed? How big a role does redistricting play? And what does it mean that Democrats are now largely confined to the state’s urban areas?


Restorative Touch is a rejuvenating mind-body connection practice led by a Licensed Massage Therapist. You’ll remain clothed and experience gentle restorative yoga poses and targeted therapeutic massage while focusing on breathing and mindfulness. This self-care journey is your ticket to escape the everyday and find tranquility, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.


The Shelby County Sports Shooting Club will help you explore the long and short of shooting sports. Beginning with the long guns, you’ll learn the parts and operation of rifles, the different calibers, and their uses, and have some fun knocking down steel targets. You’ll also explore and shoot some handguns (pistols), including revolvers and semi-automatic weapons.


Learn the basics of sculpture methods and techniques in clay and create a small sculpture. Take the camp challenge to make a woodland creature. You may choose from a mouse, rabbit, squirrel, or turtle. You will have an opportunity at a minimal price to turn the clay into a bronze piece for your home.

Casey Eskridge is a graduate of Herron School of Art (undergraduate), and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (masters). Early in his career he worked with The Franklin Mint and McFarlane Toys creating collectible miniatures and action figures. He has created monumental public sculptures such as the Birth of Apollo sculpture for the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee.


The Shelby County Sports Shooting Club will teach you how to shoot a shotgun. You will learn that a shotgun throws a “charge” of pellets at a moving target, rather than a single bullet at a still target. Using a 20-gauge shotgun, you will learn the parts of the firearm and the ammo, as well as how to point and shoot, pattern, and how to hit that elusive flying clay target. Depending on how good your shot is, you may progress to official trap shooting for a little friendly competition.


SUPINDY will provide the surf experience that is the fastest growing watersport in the world. SUP, short for Stand Up Paddleboard, is a way to enjoy the water, nature, and fitness all while having a surf experience. SUPINDY provides rentals, sales, and repairs throughout the state of Indiana.


Join Chanse Kinnaman, Executive Sushi Chef from Monterey Coastal Cuisine for a sushi & sake workshop! Learn pro tips and techniques to rolling gorgeous sushi rolls at home while enjoying a flight of sake. Each participant will have the opportunity to roll their own sushi to snack on or take home. Additionally, you’ll learn about the fermentation and refining process and compare different varietals of sake with Zenon Oprysk, Monterey’s Sommelier. They will be raffling a $50 gift certificate for one lucky participant to visit Monterey!


Take a journey into the heart of Mexico and learn the basics about how tequila is made from 100% blue weber agave. You will learn what makes tequila one of the most unique spirits in the world. From growing the plant, to the cooking of the agave, to distillation, and finally the aging process. You will have the opportunity to taste this wonderful spirit and ask any questions you may have. This activity will be informative and fun at the same time. Brought to you by Hiatus Tequila, go #onhiatus.


Vikings, Celts, Algonquians, Rocky Mountain men and women—they all used this tool for war and peace—and fun! Tomahawks were often carried instead of swords because they were more useful and versatile. When it was time for a little friendly competition, a target was tacked to a nearby tree and the throwing axes would fly. Join us for some modern competition throwing tomahawks and even a few knives. You’ll be surprised how addictive this simple activity becomes.


Do you enjoy discussing and debating geo-politics and policy? Dr. G. Patrick Lynch, a Senior Fellow at the Liberty Fund, a Carmel based educational foundation will lead a Socratic discussion based on several primary documents looking at the historical evolution of US foreign policy from the Founding to the end of the Cold War. Since its founding in 1960, Liberty Fund has hosted thousands of small conferences designed around a format of readings that serve as the basis for in-depth discussions of topics related to freedom and personal responsibility. As the war in Ukraine rages on, come join us for a substantive exploration of what exactly the role of the US has been in international affairs historically and how that has changed. Is this good for the US and the world? Is this what the Founders intended? Has the role of the US changed to necessitate a different approach? Participants will be asked to read approximately 25 pages of material in preparation for their participation.


In this session, campers will weld metal together to create a functional product. An explanation of metalworking tools, techniques and safety will be followed by cutting metal with plasma, machining, preparing, and welding a special camp project. Camper Peter Beering has pulled together a team of professionals to help guide campers through this exciting session. Wine racks, tablet holders and dinosaurs are among the projects campers have made (and taken home).


Everyone has a reason they purchase their favorite product; maybe it is a label, maybe it is a memory from an experience, maybe it is a trusted recommendation, maybe it is familiar.

People often ask Susan Sage to name her favorite wine.  She always responds, as she cannot name her favorite child, she cannot name one favorite wine.  There are so many for her!

This session will walk you through some of “my favorites”.  More often than not, it is about the people & history behind the wine verses the actual wine. She is a strong believer in “life is too short to drink mediocre wine”, so campers will taste some great wines from great people and have fun!  She hopes some of her favorites will become your favorites!  

Susan has been with RNDC Indiana, formerly National Wine & Spirits for over 30 years. Starting in the Fine Wine Division and the last 25 years, managing the over 50 portfolios, she represents some of the most prestigious wines from all over the world.


At nearly 400 feet long, Bradford Woods’ zip line is specifically designed to provide universal access. All participants access the zip line via a ramp, and participants of all abilities can take flight. At 65 feet tall, this activity is a great way to experience Bradford Woods from new heights!