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3D Printing
Maker Navigator Inc. will present 3D Printing and design techniques; demonstrating the potential additive manufacturing has to impact industry and education. This workshop focuses on the 3D Printing process: introducing various types of 3D printers, how they work, and how they can be used to foster innovation. Learn how to design and 3D print your own unique 3D model.

To inspire kids to be curious and creative solution seekers and future innovators, Maker Navigator, a 501(c)(3), was formed by Carolee Tremain, a 20-year veteran educator. 3D Printing is one of many tools used to engage kids in the learning process, stimulate the imagination, and build skills and confidence. Maker Navigator partners with youth serving organizations to facilitate experiential learning opportunities; synchronizing formal and informal education; while increasing access to the tools and technology for a hands-on and minds-on learning environment-a Maker Space.

Active Shooter
This forum will include a presentation by the Indiana State Police’s nationally recognized program, Unarmed Response to Active Shooter Events. The program is specifically organized for civilian groups and organizations wishing to increase awareness of events going on around them.

The goal of the program is to provide prevention strategies and response options to increase the opportunity to survive an active shooter event. The options presented may enhance safety and security while awaiting response by law enforcement. This presentation expands the prevailing paradigm of simply “run, hide, fight” in the event of a violent encounter. This forum will provide an opportunity to speak with law enforcement about your concerns within your community, and help you prepare yourself for the unthinkable.

Whether in a business, school, or public setting the survivability of yourself, family, friends, or co-workers is dependent upon having and practicing a plan of action. That plan of action is put in place when you know your options, have practiced and know your plan of action by heart, and are willing and able to put your plan of action into effect at a moment’s notice.

Here is your chance to try acupuncture. Akimi Bash specializes in sports related injuries, from minor sprains, strains, or chronic pains of the back, knees, ankles to neck, shoulder or wrists. Also find some relief from TMJ, headaches, allergies, insomnia, nausea, or general stress and anxiety. See if an ancient 3,000-year old treatment can help you with your modern problem. Akimi Bash L.Ac., L.M.T., M.A. received her Master of Arts degree in Oriental Medicine in 2002. She is one of a few practitioners in Indiana who holds 3 national certifications by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She presently treats many NFL and Olympic athletes. She has treated athletes in many different professional events including the 2010 Super Bowl, 2008 and 2012 Tour of Gymnastics Super Stars, and toured with the Indy Racing League from 2004 to 2008.

Are you a Diana? Pick up a bow, launch an arrow, and the spirit of an archer goddess may possess you. Attend the archery session to learn about this ancient art used for hunting, warring and for peaceful relaxation. We’ll talk about proper stance and form, eye dominance, aim, how to grip the bow, draw the string and how to use a consistent anchor point. We’ll also discuss how to select archery equipment to fit you and your needs. Archery is an activity that can be enjoyed on many levels — in heated competition or in solitary self-challenge.

Billiards – Trick Shots
Come learn trick shots with George Breedlove. Breedlove, nicknamed “The Flamethrower,” has won more than 100 regional and national titles across the country. He was a bronze medalist in the 1994 World Championship. He joined the Pro World Tour at age 26 where the men’s Pro Billiards Tour ranked him as high as 6th in the world. Whether you are a seasoned player or novice, George will teach you some fun trick shots to amaze your friends. He will also conduct a Billiards Exhibition that will showcase his extraordinary talents.

Bourbon Tasting
There is so much to know about how Bourbon has become the hottest spirit commodity in the United States. You may enjoy Bourbon, but not understand the very specific requirements that must be met under United States federal law in order to actually be labeled a bottle of Bourbon. Taking a passionate approach, this session will give you a breakdown of the marvelous history surrounding our native spirit. We’ll also cover all of the mandatory requirements that separate forms of American whiskey. In addition to just talking about one of our favorite spirits, we’ll have an interactive tasting component. This will allow us to evaluate the differences between 10 different Bourbons and discuss the differences between the distilleries that produce these world-class whiskies. You’ll also learn about some of the most important Bourbon-based cocktails that have ever been created. W. Brennan Corder is the Director of Beverage Education & Training for Crown Liquors in Indiana. He has over 12 years of experience in the beer, spirits and wine industry. Crown’s Four Roses OBSK hand selected barrel from 2013 won a Double Gold Medal in the 11+ Year Old Bourbon Category at the 14th Annual San Francisco International Spirits Competition. Brennan has extensive knowledge about Bourbon and will regale you with some of his favorite stories from his countless trips to the finest Bourbon distilleries in America.

Boxing Fitness
Hitting a boxing bag is harder than just throwing a punch. Learn techniques and tips on how to get a better workout. Hank Johnson has more than 20 years of experience in management and supervision in amateur and professional boxing. Aside from his own career, he has coached boxing in the Army at Fort Bragg, the Olympic Team in Seoul, South Korea, the Pan Am Games and the World Games. Come prepared to break a sweat.

Cake Decorating
Here is your opportunity to learn cake-decorating tips from a top expert in the field. Ilene Frazier McHone has owned Classic Cakes in Carmel for over 20 years and has been decorating for 40 years. Throughout this time span, she has won numerous awards for her work. With a rolling pin, some cutters, a few molds, a little coloring and a few “nips and tucks” Ilene will share some industry secrets that will allow you to leave camp with your very own beautifully decorated cake. Whether she’s sharing some quick and easy tips on decorating with fondant or telling stories of designing luxury wedding cakes, Ilene will bring out your creative side.

Explore a 110-acre lake in a canoe. Instructors will teach proper canoeing techniques, several paddling strokes and canoe safety. Once participants learn the basics, they will be able to practice them on Bradford Woods’ calm and relaxing lake.

Challenge Course
For this event, you’ll work with a team of your peers to complete a variety of challenges and puzzles. At the beginning of the session, participants will be split into teams and given a description of the various challenges available. Challenges will be scattered throughout the Baxter Village area and can be completed in an “Amazing Race” style. The team that completes the most challenges in the allotted time wins. Challenges will not be overly physical in nature — but many of them will require teamwork and some creative thinking! Hint: you might want to brush up on your fire-building skills.

Cheese & Wine
Taste some of the world’s best cheeses with Max McCalman. You will taste some of his favorite cheeses and you will discover how different wines pair with different cheeses, and why. Renowned as one of the cheese world’s living legends for his expertise, insight and passion, Max is dedicated to helping others understand and enjoy the unique pleasures of artisanal cheeses. Max has authored 4 books: The Cheese Plate, which was nominated for awards by the James Beard Foundation and by the International Association of Cooking Professionals (IACP), Cheese: A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Best, an expansive reference on the world’s finest cheeses and their wine pairings, which won a 2006 James Beard Award, and most recently, Mastering Cheese: Lessons For Connoisseurship from a Maître Fromager, which won “Best in the World Book on Cheese” for 2011 from the Gourmand International World Cookbook Awards announced in Paris in March 2011. His McCalman’s Swatchbook of Wine and Cheese Pairings is his most recent publication. Max has been awarded the exclusive title of Maître Fromager as designated by France’s Guilde Internationale des Fromagers Comfrérie de Saint-Uguzon, and in January 2011 was given an award from Les Trophées de l’Espirit Alimentaire (French Food Spirit Awards) for Entrepreneurship for 2010. Max developed the widely lauded cheese program at Picholine restaurant nearly 2 decades ago, and later established the critically acclaimed cheese programs at the Artisanal Fromagerie & Bistro and at APC, all in NYC. McCalman joined the faculty of NYC’s Institute of Culinary Education in June, 2015.

Chocolate: Historical Chocolate Making
An American Heritage chocolate class! Participate in chocolate-making where you’ll learn from Conner Prairie’s historic interpreters about the history of chocolate and take part in its preparation from bean to cup. Grind cacao nibs, sip traditional drinking chocolate and make cracknels to accompany this special drink.

Coffee Cupping
Many start their day with a hot cup of coffee, the cheapest luxury in many of our lives. But what is the difference between a great cup of Joe, and dirty brown water? Most folks don’t know beans about coffee — because it isn’t a bean at all, but a cherry. Come and learn the surprising tale of premium coffee and about those who grow and process it. Peter Beering, a principal of Mission Coffee, LLC (a company formed to support medical mission work in Northwest Panama) will conduct a coffee cupping, similar to wine tasting, that will explore the differences among premium coffees around the world. This session will also include proper grinding and brewing techniques to provide the best coffee in your cup.

Blake Ruff and Bryan McDowell are co-owners of 2 CrossFit gyms on the Northside of Indianapolis. Blake and Bryan met while personal training individuals. They began grouping individuals to make small group training sessions and noticed the results and energy of group training. Looking to expand on the group training, Blake and Bryan started to train with CrossFit. Taking what they learned from personal training and combining it with CrossFit they opened 2 CrossFit gyms in 2013. In the beginning of 2013 they opened CrossFit Dash and at the end of 2013 they opened CrossFit Castlewood. Blake and Bryan hold multiple certifications that allow them to coach weightlifting, skill movements and conditioning. Since opening they have expanded their gyms and brought fitness to all different age groups and fitness levels. Both gyms offer a range of different classes from CrossFit kids to a cardio based system called CrossFit Bootcamp to traditional CrossFit classes. Blake and Bryan use CrossFit to help people in everyday life, utilizing functional movements to allow them to be safer and stronger.

Culinary Knife Skills: Filleting and
Cooking Fish

Have you ever wondered what to do with a whole fish? This class is a chance to answer your questions, hone your culinary knife skills and learn more about cooking fish. Ivy Tech Community College instructor Chef Allen Edwards will instruct the class from cutting to finished plate. We will begin by filleting a whole fish. Then the class will sauté the fish and learn to make a sauce in the same pan. We will plate and then taste the final results! Each student will receive a complimentary fish filet knife. Knives provided are donated by Ivy Tech.

Day at the Lake
N3 Boatworks is a locally owned boat dealership located on the northeast side of Indy specializing in Ski-Wake-Surf style family inboard boats. N3 features a fully stocked pro shop, on site storage and a dedicated experienced service tech team. N3 will be at the beach to provide you with an on water experience like no other behind a custom N3 Nautique. Go for a pull with us on a wakeboard-wakesurf-waterski or go for a good ole’ tube ride! See you on the water!

Drones — you’ve seen them on the news, you’ve read about them in the paper. This session is all about hands-on experience with hobby class drones. These are very similar to commercial drones and the technologies overlap. In this session we will explain: Current laws governing the operation of drones/remote controlled aircraft, the different types of drones available, the components required to build a drone, different applications that drones are being utilized for, a shopping list of what’s available to purchase/assemble. There will also be an Experience First Person video (FPV) (either as a drone pilot or as an observer), a discussion on what you need to know to fly as a hobbyist or commercially and most importantly — how to safely operate a drone with hands-on experience.

Euchre Tournament
We will host a Euchre Tournament again this year. If you are interested, please join us in the dining hall after formal activities on Tuesday night.

Eye Brow Session
Great eyebrows don’t happen by chance... they happen by appointment. Come to this brow class and learn what you can do to enhance your brows. Kate Shaughnessy owner of Lash and Brow Design Co. will be teaching how to fill in your brows to make them look fuller, in turn making you look younger. It is amazing what a good brow can do for your face. You have heard your eyes are the window to your soul, well, brows frame that window. Kate will also show before and after pictures and answer questions about the latest and greatest trend to hit the market. Microblading, also first known as eyebrow embroidery, is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows you to dramatically correct or fully reconstruct a lost eyebrow. Eyebrow Microblading is performed by manually depositing pigment in the basal layer of the epidermis using a special pen. It does not involve the use of a machine. Unlike permanent makeup brow treatments, Microblading techniques involve drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that are more natural looking than tattooing, brow pencils, or powders. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the results. Hurry and book your spot as there are limited spots available.

Let Evan Todd Spa & Salon pamper you at camp with a facial. Evan Todd Spa & Salon is an AVEDA concept spa and salon in downtown Indianapolis on the 6th floor of the Conrad Hotel. They use only nature-based AVEDA products that nurture your spirit and rejuvenate your body.

En Garde! Come try the international sport of fencing. Fencing has been a part of every Olympics since the modern games began in 1896. Few sports offer as many advantages as fencing. People of all ages and sizes can excel at it. Commonly referred to as physical chess, fencing combines the physical demands of a high energy sport with the intellectual demands of strategy games. It is also elegant and graceful and places an emphasis on sportsmanship, self-control and respect for your opponent. It trains your mind along with your body. If you are looking for a sport that provides a good workout with a great mental challenge, fencing may be the sport for you. Coaches from the Indianapolis Fencing Club will provide an introduction to épée fencing, the descendant of the dueling sword. The session will include basic instructions on blade work and the rules and tactics of épée fencing. Both group and individual instructions will be given. Participants will have an opportunity to plug in and fence with electric scoring equipment.

Floral Arranging
Have you always wanted to learn how to make your own floral arrangements or want tips on how to enhance the ones that you do? Come learn floral arranging from Gene Huddleson, owner of LGH Design Group, now known as Detail + Design. Gene has created fascinating theme parties and lavish social events that require extensive creativity. He was chosen as a Vice Presidential Residence Holiday Designer in 1995 and 1996. Gene’s work has received many local and international awards and has appeared in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, The New York Times and many local publications.

Fly Fishing
Through hands-on fly fishing instruction provided by local expert Jon Widboom, participants will be schooled in the magic of fly fishing. Widboom has been fly fishing around the world for more than 30 years, including Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.

Football with Gary Brackett
Join Gary Brackett as he presents his secret to success in the NFL. He played 9 years with the Indianapolis Colts and was a captain for 6 of those years. He will share insight on what it took to be one of the winningest teams in NFL History. In addition to sharing great locker room stories he will share coaching philosophies from both Coach Dungy and Coach Caldwell that not only led to his success on the field but more importantly off the field in his new career as a Restaurateur. He will also attack any questions you have about playing defense in the NFL or inside the restaurant.

Improve your technique and master your short game. We will focus on shots inside 50 yards. Our goal is to maximize your effectiveness around the green. You will learn the importance of improving your short game in order to improve your score. Bring your wedges or feel free to use ours. Brad Fellers is the founding professional of the Golf School of Indiana. Brad has been a PGA Professional since December 1997 after graduating from New Mexico State University’s Professional Golf Management Program. After 2 private club head professional positions and a two-year stint as a touring professional, Brad turned his focus to teaching. In 2014, he received the Indiana PGA Teacher of the Year Award. Brad’s competitive résume includes 11 Indiana Section PGA Titles highlighted by twice winning the Indiana PGA Championship in 2002 and 2004. He has competed in 4 National PGA Events and has attended PGA Tour Qualifying (Q-School).

Bruce Rearick is the Director of Golf at The Fort Golf Course, home of the Golf School of Indiana, and Director of the Pete Dye Golf Trail. He serves as a consultant to a number of golf professionals and manufacturers including the Golf School of Indiana. Prior to these positions he was the Director of Instruction at the United States Golf Academy, and prior to that, the Head Golf Professional at Arnold Palmer’s Latrobe Country Club.

Erika Wicoff enjoyed a successful playing career that included 2 State Junior, 3 State Amateur and 3 Big Ten Individual Championship titles. She was a two-time US Amateur medalist. Erika competed in 5 US Opens, 6 years on the LPGA Tour and is a member of the Indiana University Athletic Hall of Fame. She has been teaching professionally for 9 years. All 3 pros look forward to helping you play better golf at Mickey’s Camp.

Grilling with the Guys from Sullivan Hardware and Garden
Get down to the nuts and bolts of grilling kamado style on the Big Green Egg®. The Big Green Egg is the number one kamado cooker on the market and Sullivan Hardware is the number one dealer in the state. Join Dave Betz and Paul Schnieders as they take on the grilling experience from purchase to completing your meal. Dave will walk you through the process of smoking, baking and grilling on the Big Green Egg. Dave, known for great appetizers will get the party started. Paul will make sure we all get pulled pork served with local sauces. You will also have the chance to try planked seafood. Every day grilling tips will be the theme of the class and you’ll walk away with ideas to take home and use. The session will include hands-on grilling and good eats. It will cover the differences and advantages of Weber gas grills, Smokin Brothers Wood Pellet grills and the Big Green Egg, to get you ready for your next grill purchase.

Learn how to leverage your strengths and gain a competitive advantage through the sport of Hockey.While there will not be ice present, participants will get an opportunity to test their skills and see if they can reach the 100 mph slap shot or feel what it is like to face a puck flying at you as you become a goalie.

This will provide you insight into the game and challenge you to apply your senses and capacities in a myriad of experiences through the sport of Hockey. After learning how to play and compete, we will reflect on how this ties back into your specific role in your organization.

Lisa Kroshus, VP of Sponsorship Sales for the Indy Fuel will lead this class along with some help from her teammates. She has years of experience and will take you on her journey of how she has used these same skills that you incorporate in the game of Hockey to gain success not only in the professional world but also in recently conquering breast cancer.

Horshoe Pitching
Learn how to play a simple, fun variation of this long-lived game. Campers will be taught knowledge of the game, pitching technique and how to be competitive against anyone. All participating campers will be automatically entered into the Camp Tournament. Results will be posted during dinner so all can see how they match up with one another. The courts will be open all day besides the regular session times. Stop by any time between sessions and “pitch a game”! Campers can record as many games as they want and keep the best game for the Camp Tournament. You can also bring a friend and enter the doubles tournament.

Create stunning images with your iPhone. There’s a saying that the best camera is the one you have with you. For many of us today, that camera is the iPhone. Join us in this session in which award-winning photographer, Rad Drew, will show you how to make great photos using your iPhone. He will introduce you to techniques for making portraits, shooting beautiful panoramas and capturing action shots. After you have the shot, then what? Rad will demonstrate, using a few simple apps, how you can make your images sing! Although a photographer for many years, in 2010 he acquired his first iPhone. Since then, his creative iPhone images have received numerous awards and have made their way into juried international competitions showing in galleries around the world. Rad teaches mobile photography to individuals, corporations, and professional organizations and leads destination tours, which are great ways to learn while photographing beautiful areas of the world.

Jewelry Making
Learn the basics of working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC.) Marsha Callahan will teach you how to make a pendant using PMC. You will choose your pendant shape and texture, then create the actual pendant. If you need magnification for your work, please bring your glasses.

Marsha has worked in PMC for 5 years and has received a level 3 certification from the PMC Guild for completion of projects and demonstration of skills.

Want to impress your family and friends with the art of juggling? Take this session to learn how to juggle from Krembo K, a seasoned professional who promises everyone can master this skill. Krembo K has been juggling internationally for over 25 years. He has performed at the Indiana State fair for the last 10 years and has juggled everything from razor-sharp balls to relatively dull knives. Krembo K has graced stages from Egypt to Denmark and Alaska to New York. He is an original founding member of the Blue Monkey Sideshow. Krembo’s vision has brought the curious world of sideshow to new audiences all over the world.

After 10 years on the market, Eyelash Extensions are quickly becoming a standard part of every woman’s beauty repertoire. The Lash and Brow Design Co has been offering Classic (1 eyelash extension to 1 natural lash) for the last 7 years. As the first certified Xtreme Lash stylists in the state, they have established themselves as the premier lash boutique in Indy. Lash and Brow Design Co also offers the advanced certified Volume Lashes (3 lashes for each natural lash) for those looking for a fuller look. You will be able to choose from either option while you see our licensed and certified eyelash stylists. You will want to come to your appointment with no makeup on and you won’t want to shower for 24 hours after. While this is just a sample session, it will give you the idea of what your eyes could look like. They would love to pamper you while you are here at camp!

Let Evan Todd Spa & Salon pamper you at camp with a manicure. Evan Todd Spa & Salon, is an AVEDA concept spa and salon in downtown Indianapolis on the 6th floor of the Conrad Hotel.

Whether you like sports, deep tissue or just a relaxation massage, certified massage therapy staff will be on hand to soothe the sore muscles you may get during all of the fun activities available at Mickey’s Camp. Never had a massage? This is the perfect opportunity to try one! We are equipped to handle the first time client or the massage veteran. Treat yourself!

Microbrew Tasting with Sun King
The Sun King Brewing Education and Tasting Experience is for anyone who enjoys craft beer and wants to learn more. A Sun King Brewing representative will tell the story of the brewing process while explaining how different beer varieties and flavors are created with the ingredients of water, barley, hops, malt and yeast. Participants will be guided through sampling multiple beers so they can better appreciate the flavors they are experiencing. As the craft beer revolution continues in Indiana, this is a great opportunity to gather knowledge for all your new craft beer experiences. Sun King Brewing is the brainchild of Dave Colt and Clay Robinson. With the help of family and friends — Omar Robinson, Andy Fagg and Steve Koers — the first keg of Sun King beer rolled out the door for delivery in July of 2009. It is now available on tap and in cans at thousands of locations around central Indiana. Sun King has grown into the second largest beer brewer in the State of Indiana. The company’s commitment to handcrafted seasonal and specialty beers has been rewarded with multiple medals at the Indiana Brewers Cup, Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup competitions.

Movie Making
Learn about making movies from Angelo Pizzo. From the initial idea, through research, script, financing, casting, pre-production, production, post production, marketing, distribution to release. Angelo will utilize the movies he has made as learning examples: Hoosiers, Rudy, The Game of Their Lives, and My All American.

NASA — An Exploration in Innovation (the Good and the Bad)
It is plenty exciting to blast off in a rocket ship, live on a Spacecraft, and float weightless in space — and astronaut Dr. David Wolf will share plenty of that, but the lessons learned regarding the challenge of sustaining an “innovative” culture directly apply to our “Earthbound” lives. Like other organizations, NASA has had mixed success in sustaining the innovative spirit in the face of budget and operational constraints. Although we all agree that innovation is a cornerstone of success and progress, it is often the first to go when hard choices must be made. David Wolf has navigated this challenge from small projects through those with large programmatic impact to considerable national treasure, including those with life and death consequences. Through graphic display of his work at NASA and since, David vividly weaves the core elements and philosophy of innovation in critical systems with the impact and excitement of Spaceflight and Space research. He will narrate video he shot in space and talk about his exciting (and often dangerous) career. Share his insight as a research scientist, astronaut, doctor and engineer from discussion of the future of the Spaceflight to how those lessons shed light on the challenges we face on Earth, particularly in sustaining our leadership role through innovation. David Wolf is a graduate of North Central High School, Purdue University (undergraduate), and Indiana University (doctorate). He holds 17 U.S. patents, has published over 40 technical papers, and has conducted 7 spacewalks during his 168 days in space. We are excited to have this Hoosier hero join us at camp.

Nature Hike – Bird Watch
What makes a bird a bird? Enjoy an introduction to bird adaptations and bird identification as you investigate a variety of bird habitats at Bradford Woods. Common local birds will be identified by using field observation techniques and proper use of binoculars and field guides.

Nature Hike – Wild Edibles
You can eat wild plants? The primary objective is to increase awareness of wild edible plants available in south central Indiana.

At the conclusion of this session, participants should be able to identify those plants found and discussed, know which part of the plant is edible, and may learn how to use them to prepare food.

Pasta Making
Have you ever wondered how you make pasta? Let Nicole-Taylors Pasta and Market show you how. In this session you will be preparing handmade egg pasta with summer tomato sauce. Handmade pasta, from scratch. You will roll it, cut it and cook it.

And then you will make a summer tomato sauce to serve with the pasta, with fresh garden tomatoes.

Participate in one of the fastest growing sports in all of the Midwest: PICKLEBALL! Pickleball is a sport in which 2 to 4 players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a wiffle ball, over a 3 foot tall net. The sport shares features of other racquet sports, the dimensions and layout of a badminton court, and a net and rules similar to tennis, with a few modifications. Pickleball is perfect for all ages regardless of athletic ability. Instruction will be provided by JCC Indianapolis (which offers open Pickleball play M-F, 1-3 p.m. open to all).

Pickling-You Can Pickle That!
Learn to make your own pickles at home with Master Food Preserver Suzanne Krowiak. From quick and easy refrigerator pickles that can be done without any special equipment, to home-canned pickles done in a boiling-water bath, this classic food preservation method allows you to eat local produce all year long. Suzanne is the founder of Indy Food Swappers, and teaches classes on food preservation and other D.I.Y. food topics. A former television writer and producer, she writes freelance for local publications including The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Monthly, and Edible Indy.

Pie Making
Join the “Pie Shop Girls” for a fun-filled informative pie making session or 2 on how to make, bake and decorate beautiful homemade pies! Lisa Sparks has been in the pie making business for around 29 — YES — 29 years! Perfecting her craft, making, and serving literally millions of pies throughout the years to many a person from nearly everywhere in the U.S. and beyond. “We girls take pride in our little shop that has reached so many and would love the opportunity to share with you some of our techniques to create a fantastic homemade pie!” This session will be fun-filled and interactive for sure but practical and helpful too for any and all pie making questions.

Miriam Resnick, owner of Mindful Movement Studio will be joining us again for her 9th year. All of her class offerings teach you safe movements to balance your muscles and teach you to move with your spinal strength. Sign up for one of her classes if you are looking to alleviate joint and back pain and take charge of your body’s posture!

Gain a better knowledge of your body’s position in space and how gravity is affecting it. Every exercise will begin by learning how to move from your pelvic/spinal core. This class is appropriate for all levels.

See what Miriam has cooked up for you! We will start with breathing exercises to warm and refresh the body. Movements will be slow and controlled. Poses will be gentle and held for 10-15 breaths. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Poker Tournament
Join in the fun and participate in the annual Mickey’s Camp Poker Tournament. Come try to win the coveted trophy and bragging rights for next year.

Police Training Exercise
The training officers are bringing all new scenarios this year. This state-of-the-art simulation system has the tools to enhance an officer’s judgment, speed of engagement and accuracy. This allows the officer to make decisions about the use of force and what degree of force to use, at real-time speed, and then answer for his or her actions. Individuals attending this training will receive an overview of the capabilities of the simulation system and be given the opportunity to participate in fun, stress-free, firearm skill building exercises.

Politics in Indiana
Indiana is an exciting minefield of political energy and intrigue. The race for governor features John Gregg back for more after losing to Mike Pence in the closest race in Indiana history. In the Republican primary, US Senator Marlin Stutzman’s record in Congress has positioned his opponent Congressman Todd Young as the establishment candidate and he is a right wing conservative! Democrat Baron Hill is waiting in the wings. He wants another shot at Young who beat him in a prior congressional election. There is plenty more to talk about including the latest shenanigans of the state legislature, an obviously unconstitutional abortion law. Who better to sort through all this with us than the bright funny — sometimes caustic — Ann DeLaney?

DeLaney has served the state of Indiana in many leadership capacities for decades. In 1989, she was hired by then-Gov. Evan Bayh as the legislative director of his administration, and later went on to become the first female chair of the Indiana Democratic Party. Recognizing the increasing need of domestic abuse victims in the state, DeLaney became Executive Director of the Julian Center in 1995, where she served until 2011. She has authored Politics for Dummies and appears weekly as a panelist on the political roundtable television show “Indiana Week in Review.”

The Shelby County Sports Shooting Club will help you explore the long and short of shooting sports. Beginning with the long guns, you’ll learn the parts and operation of rifles, the different calibers and their uses, and have some fun knocking down steel targets. You’ll also explore and shoot some handguns (pistols), including revolvers and semi-automatics.

Sausage Making
“Laws, like sausages, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know how they are made” – John Godfrey Saxe, University of Michigan, 1869.

Clearly Mr. Saxe never made a good sausage! But you will have this chance in our Sausage Making experience. You will see the clean and lean cuts of pork that go into today’s sausage and watch as they are made into coarse, rich ground pork. You will learn why the percentage of fat is so key to a great sausage. You will be given 3 lbs of ground pork to season on your own with the direction of Mr. Robert Walden. You will be able to choose from 5 different spice blends and will be educated on the nuances of each blend. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to stuff your own sausage and twist it into links to take home! (We will store it for later!).

This session will be lead by Robert Walden, Master Butcher, from Joe’s Butcher Shop and Fish Market in Carmel, Indiana. Walden was born and raised in the grocery business. His father owned and managed an IGA where Robert cut his teeth learning all aspects of the grocery business including how to cut meat. Robert joined Joe O’Malia groceries in 1982 and helped establish their legendary meat program, gaining the title of Master Butcher. Robert, with the help of legendary meat man Joe Moore, literally wrote the manual from which all O’Malia’s butchers were trained. With over 30 years of butchering experience, Robert is happy to pass on his sausage making knowledge to you today.

Sex and Love Across the Lifespan: 7 Things You Must Know for Better Sexual Health
and Intimacy

Sex doesn’t have to be shrouded in mystery or taboo! Join Dr. Debby Herbenick — associate professor in the Indiana University School of Public Health–Bloomington, Kinsey Confidential columnist and best-selling author — for a fun, provocative talk about things we can all learn to strengthen our romantic and sexual lives and attend to our sexual health. Dr. Herbenick’s research team has conducted 8 nationally representative studies focused on sex in America. We’ll talk about sex and relationship “maintenance behaviors” that take only a little effort but often have a big impact on romantic happiness and sexual satisfaction. We’ll explore new findings that help us all to better understand pleasure, satisfaction, sexual difficulties and solutions across 9 decades of life. Desire, arousal, fantasy, orgasm, orientation, sexual roadblocks and turning points — nothing is off the table!

The Shelby County Sports Shooting Club will teach you how to shoot a shotgun. You will learn that a shotgun throws a “charge” of pellets at a moving target, rather than a single bullet at a still target. Using a 20-gauge shotgun, you will learn the parts of the firearm and the ammo, as well as how to point and shoot, pattern and how to hit that elusive flying clay target. Depending on how good your shot is, you may progress to official trap shooting for a little friendly competition.

Stand Up Paddleboard
SUPINDY will be providing the surf experience that is the fastest growing watersport in the world. SUP, short for Stand Up Paddleboard, is a way to enjoy the water, nature and fitness all while having a surf experience. SUPINDY provides rentals, sales and repairs throughout the state of Indiana.

Swimming – Open Pool
Not in the mood to take in an activity? Then why not just hang out at the pool! We will have open swim times for some relaxation in the sun.

Tomahawk - Knife Throwing
Vikings, Celts, Algonquians, Rocky Mountain women … they all used this tool for war and peace … and fun! Tomahawks were often carried instead of swords because they were more useful and versatile. But when it was time for a little friendly competition, a target was tacked to a nearby tree and the throwing axes would fly. Join us for some modern competition throwing tomahawks and even a few knives. You’ll be surprised how addictive this simple activity becomes.

Come swing through the air with the greatest of ease. Come learn the basic technique of trapeze, and perhaps end the session with a catch from one of the trapeze artists. Trapeze Texas has years of performing, corporate and personal training and professional development programs worldwide. So whether you are a rookie or have tried trapeze in the past — trapeze is a “mountain with no top” so each time you come out, the Trapeze Texas crew will assist you with taking it to the next level by learning new tricks and developing fundamental skills.

Many have glued paper or wood together. In this session campers will weld metal together to create a functional product. An explanation of metalworking tools, techniques and safety will be followed by cutting metal with plasma, machining, preparing and welding a pencil cup that campers can take home after camp! Camper Peter Beering has pulled together a team of professionals to help guide campers through this exciting new session.

And a special thank–you to Indy Laser Engraving, Indiana Oxygen and Miller Electric Manufacturing for their donations to this session that will make this pencil holder a MC keepsake.

Wine & Canvas
Local artist, Greg Potter, will provide step-by-step instructions to complete your masterpiece using acrylic paints while sipping on a great glass of wine. Greg is from Mooresville and is the owner of Artnick in Franklin, IN.

Wine Tasting
Taught by Peterson’s Sommelier, Jan Bugher, this fun and informative class will teach you about the history of wine, how to properly taste wine and about the world’s most important wine regions. You will taste a variety of wines from all over the world, get tips on picking great wines at great prices from your local wine store or supermarket, and learn the basics of pairing wine with everyday foods to make every mealtime special.

Jan is a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and a member of the Guild of Sommeliers. She is also a Certified Specialist of Wine and member of the Society of Wine Educators. As the Sommelier at Peterson’s Restaurant, she oversees the wine list, assists guests with wine choices, directs all beverage related issues and programs, and purchases wine, liquor and beer. Jan also teaches wine appreciation at various educational institutions and organizations throughout the state and facilitates private wine tasting events. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University and a Beverage Management Certificate from Purdue University.

If you’ve never been on a zipline, you can start with a short 170-foot long zipline that runs down a ridge to get comfortable with the experience. The maximum height on this zipline is about 16 feet. Then, when you’re ready, you can try the nearly 400-foot zipline that runs across the valley, reaching a maximum height of around 65 feet! It’s a great way to experience Bradford Woods from new heights!